Our list of services offered is not long, but it is wide…

We offer:

  • * Custom website design for individuals, organizations and small businesses

That’s it. That’s all we do.

We specialize in designing and hosting SIMPLE but POWERFUL websites that are PERFECT for people who are NOT computer nerds!

If you need a website that’s outside our niche – a database-driven YouTube clone, say, or a new flash-driven site that gives users the experience of sitting behind the wheel of an ’82 Honda Civic with a leaky tailpipe, well, we can do that too. It just means it’ll cost you more, it’ll cause an imbalance in our daily harmony and we might have to call up some hippie friends to help us out. Try it, though, we’re game for most anything!

* A SPECIAL NOTE FROM OUR CEO: While we do intersperse some humor into our website, please know that we DO NOT turn down jobs of any size, and all work done is 100 percent to customer satisfaction BEFORE we’re paid. Our largest client has a website of slightly over 3,000 pages, is updated on a daily basis and has won several awards. We may be trying to be kinda funny, but our work is serious!