About Us

How can we design custom web sites so inexpensively? We’re hippies, we don’t need much cash, man!

Actually, we’re a husband/wife team from Tempe, AZ who got into designing web sites way back in 1999… and our philosophy of:

simple + effective = success

has worked for us since day one!

We’re not gonna make a splashy flash intro for your site, we’re not gonna put your entire 5,000-piece collection of vintage beer cans into a php database, and we’re not gonna outsource your site work to some guy in Nepal.

(We could do all of those things for you (although we’d never outsource a project!), but we’d hafta charge more – and chances are YOU DON’T NEED IT!)

We focus on what works for us – simple, effective design with a BOLD MESSAGE that gives you a solid web presence WITHOUT costing you an arm and a leg!

If designing your small business a website costs us $75, why would we charge you $1,500?

Some companies do that (ok, let’s be truthful – a LOT of companies do that!) and if it works for them – well, good for them (and bad for you!) But if we can design you a simple, effective website for $250 or less, we can steal away business from the non-hippies and do pretty well for ourselves!


* Q – That’s pretty cool, man, selling websites so cheap, but are they any good?

* A – We have a 100-percent satisfaction rate! We’ve never had a website spring a leak, lose a transmission, go bald or suffer from postnatal depression, and we’re darn proud of that! Actually, our customers LOVE their sites – they HAVE TO, because we won’t put ’em up until they’re 100 percent satisfied!

* Q – What if I need somethin’ extra special, like a splashy flash site intro or a database designed for my 5,000-piece beer can collection? Am I SOL?

* A – Of course not, we’d never leave ya hangin like that, it’s not our style. We can do all that fancy stuff if you need it (and anything WE can’t do, we have hippie friends who can!) Check out the services page…maybe you’ll discover you DON’T need anything that fancy, but if you do, we’ll charge fairly for it!

* Q – Have you won any awards?

* A – Yes we have, thanks for asking! I (Jeff) won the Civics class SuperDuper Bowl geography contest three years in a row in high school! And Tina was named Sexiest Treckie at the 2003 Star Trek Convention in San Diego! Oh, you mean web design awards? No, we have not. Then again, we’re not really entering any contests, we’re kinda busy working and enjoying life.

* Q – Spartanz, huh? Did you go to school at Michigan State? San Jose State? Morehead State?

* A – Nope!

* Q – You’re in Tempe, huh? Are you Arizona State alums?

* A – Nope!

* Q – Well then, where the hell did you go to school? Or are you actually functionally illiterate?

* A – Fine, be that way, ya nosy SOB. We’re both graduates of Central Michigan University, home of the Chippewas, the Wayside bar/meat market, and loads of snotty college brats. We do NOT miss our college days, as you can see. ‘Spartanz’ came about because…well, honestly, it’s a long story that’s pretty boring and really doesn’t change anything, so it’s easier to make you guess.

* Q – Hippies, huh?

* A – Back in the day, hippies didn’t do stuff like run website design businesses, or even work or even change their shirts, for that matter. So I guess we’re not that kind of hippie…but call us what you want. If you wanna call us hippies, fine, we don’t care. We prefer ‘free spirited non-conformists with a lively sense of humor and a strong Midwestern work ethic but who still enjoy life to the fullest’ That didn’t work well as a slogan, though.

* Q – What’s the meaning of life?

* A – There is no meaning of life. We’re all energy fields within a larger energy field, determining our own destiny by our thoughts and emotions. But you already knew that.

* Q – Cool, dude. Got any smoke?

* A – No, but Pasquale down by the Circle K does. (at least that’s what someone told us)