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Great Experience!

You know there is a saying that you get what you pay for, and I must admit I was skeptical of this husband and wife team who says they can deliver at a much lower price than that of what others quoted me. I was wrong; you can really try them for your next project. There I am, online, my own web presence at a fraction of the cost, thank you I love my website! Anyone can rest assured service is top notch and they do not mind making adjustments when you change your mind on small matters, either.

Zendo Cellotto, Marketing Assistant at ocada.com

Highly Recommended!

Between Jeff and Tina, who incidentally makes an awesome team, I got exactly the website I wanted. I wanted a simple, straightforward online gaming website, with no weird tricks and interfaces that confuse my players. I got exactly what I ordered at a much lower price than what everybody else quoted me. Why pay more than you need to, is their motto and I can surely live with that. I explained that I wanted a website that looks different than most of the rest, but still remains easy to use, and obviously it had to be secure or players would not waste their time even signing up. Thanks you two, I will broadcast your talents and be back when I decide to expand, for sure!

Opal Steven, HR Manager at roughtrade.com

Best Design!

What a hassle I had to get someone to design my website after I saw how well Casino was operating and how easy it was to use. You know sometimes you get to a website that you like, but the games open too slowly or does not run smoothly. Finding someone was not the problem, but finding someone that could get my website designed the way I vision it and not killing me with their prices. Every second Joe online these days are a web designer and each one of them charge exorbitant fees. Finally, someone that understands that all you need is a great looking website that works, as it should.

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Building an Online Presence

Yes! I am online thanks Jeff and Tina, you two made it possible that I can now relax and sit back without worrying how to operate my own website. No fancy tricks and terms, that was beyond my own vocabulary when all I desired is to have a website. At least I can navigate my own fabulous website and no user will have to stress how to get from one page to the next. Great jobs, much appreciated!

Kendal Smith, Sales Manager at clarks.com