What’s it gonna cost me?

Not much!

90 percent of our projects are completed for LESS THAN $250!

Check out our specials – we can fit almost anything you need into our deals:

$50 deal | $100 deal | $250 deal

IF you MUST have flash programming, database programming, or any additional feature not listed in our ‘deals’, it WILL cost you (a little) extra. We’d need to know your EXACT needs to give an exact price, but again, we fit 90 percent of our projects into a less-than-$250 cost!

Wait! Here’s the dreaded fine print!

There’s not MUCH fine print, ’cause we don’t need it. But you won’t find anything here out of the ordinary:

  • There is a space and bandwidth limit on each site. We’ll give you up to 5GB of space and 5GB of bandwidth each month for free. What happens if you go over that? We don’t know, ’cause we’ve never had a client come close to exceeding those limits, but if you do…well, we’ll work somethin’ out. We’re cool like that.
  • We reserve the right to remove any site at any time, for any offense that we deem objectionable. That includes using your email address for spam, using your site to host warez or any number of other un-cool behaviors. We’re really, really easy when it comes to working with just about any type of website you might want, but if you do something that could harm us, you, or someone else, we gotta cover our rears, ya see. We’ve never taken down someone’s site – ever – but it could happen. Don’t test us, we don’t need the stress, ok?
  • We’ll host your website for free (ok, it’s included in the price!) for one year. Once the year is up, we’ll need a small payment to cover hosting for another year. How much your hosting bill will be depends on how much space and bandwidth you’ve used over the previous year. Almost every site we’ve done requires no more than our standard $40 hosting fee – which means after the first year, your only cost would be $40 a year for hosting. Helluva deal, huh? we’re cool like that, too.
  • Prices listed are for STATIC sites that do not require updating! We can keep our prices low because once we design a site to our clients’ satisfaction, it generally remains the same the exact same way for as long as it lives on the internet…but for those who need something more, like a small business who offers specials a few times a year, or your prices have changed…well, we do hafta charge a fee for updating the site. Again, generally speaking, we can update your site in less than hour and you’re charged $25. Any work beyond that hour is also charged at $25 an hour. It’s a fair deal, trust us.
  • Prices listed are for non-SEO sites! We don’t do search engine optimization. By design, our sites are easily indexed by all of the major search engines including Google, Yahoo and MSN, but if you’re looking for a top-of-the-page listing, you need a website optimized for search engines. SEO work is NOT included in the price, and while we do offer it as an option to clients, it’s not cheap. Just being honest!